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We are currently in a transition to this new site.

On the next few months we will have many new features on the site.  Until then enjoy or primary product which is the CIWARS SitReps.

Our new book, Citizen's Privacy Manual was written with you in mind. It is an essential guide for anyone who wants to maintain private communications.

In the Citizen’s Privacy Manual, I will explain the following;

  • How to buy and establish a computer that cannot be traced to you
  • How to buy and establish a mobile phone that cannot be traced to you
  • How to covertly send and receive files
  • How to protect yourself from search warrants
  • How to avoid financial tracking in America
  • How to take your assets offshore to avoid financial tracking

This information is useful if you simply do not like the idea of the government reading your emails and listening to your telephones calls, or you want to operate away from the prying eyes of an employer, or spouse.

Protect Yourself Buy Citizen Privacy Manual